Why does Exodus 4:24 indicate that God wanted to put Moses to death?

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Exodus 4:24

24 ¦ Now it came about at the lodging place on the way that the LORD met him and sought to put him to death.

Moses was on his way back to Egypt from Midian and while stopped at an inn with his wife and two sons, he became very ill. His illness was a result of disobedience to God. He was so ill, he was near death. It appears that he was so sick he could not even get out of bed.

The reason for this illness was that Moses had neglected to circumcise one of his sons, probably because his wife Zippooah was not in agreement with doing it. But, as you know God had required it of Abraham, and all Hebrews (Gen. 17:14).

Moses was the leader of the covenant people of God, and he could not be a leader if he was not going to follow God himself. You cannot expect to lead people to obey God if you won't obey God yourself! I think we have a powerful illustration here of what God expects of all who lead God's people today. We must first be obedient to God, then we can lead others.

This conclusion may bother some, and it certainly is distasteful, but it is also instructive and helpful. God demands obedience from his leaders. Consequences are severe if we refuse our responsibility. It think it's a great lesson to be learned.

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