What is the Dress Code for those who serve the Lord’s Supper?

Q. We’re having a problem with establishing a dress code at church for those who serve the communion. The elders want all who serve to wear what they have called “appropriate attire.” This eliminates many of our young men who wear T-shirts. What do the Scriptures say about these kind of decisions by the elders?
This is a constant problem for elders. What color should the bathroom be? Should we use paper towels, or a blow dryer?

This question falls into the same category. It is up to the elders of the congregation to make such decisions, or appoint men to make such decisions.

I believe that it is important to show the proper respect in the way in which we dress. We dress appropriately for the function that we are going to attend. When I attend a funeral I wear a suit. I wear a suit out of respect for the deceased and out of respect for the loved ones gathered to pay tribute. In the Old Testament worship the priest had a very elaborate dress code. I believe all who serve in the worship of the church should do their best NOT to be a distraction while in service.

A verse of scripture may help:

1 Cor. 14:40
“But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.”

Who is to decide what is proper and orderly? The elders.

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