Red River Encampment

Each year on the fourth weekend of June several thousand Christians gather together, in a huge tent the size of a football field, in the beautiful little town of Red River, New Mexico, to study God’s Word at the feet of some of the best and brightest preachers and Bible scholars available in our world today. This unparalleled spiritual experience is open to all people, free of charge, who desire to grow closer to our Heavenly Father through Bible study and Prayer. The following audio files were recorded at the Red River Family Encampments You are free to download these files and share them with anyone who is interested in studying God’s Word. These lessons are samples, not all of the lessons and bible classes (which totaled about 50 in number each year) delivered are found here, this is just a taste of the encampment.


Grow Up by J. Tom Washburn
What About The Cursing in the Psalms by Prentice Meador
How Do I Interpet The Psalms by Prentice Meador
Why One Psalm Is Not Like Another Psalm by Prentice Meador


Theme: I will lift my eyes up to the…

Hills by Jack Evans, Sr.
Hill of Sacrifice by Jerry Jones
Hill of Transfiguration by Steve Bailey
Hill of Testing by Phillip Slate
Hill of Rejoicing by Billy Curl
Hill of Change by Jay Lockhart
Hill of Anticipation by Prentice Meador


Our Charter and Our Challenge by Phil Ware
Peter Raised His Voice by Billy Wilson
Filled with the Holy Spirit by Jack Evans, Jr.
Come Over to Macedonia by Randy Daughterty
Holy Spirit by Jeff Jenkins
Speak for Yourself by John Risse<


Pressing On by John W. Smith, from Huntsville, Alabama. Smith is the author of several well know Christian devotional books including many in the “Hugs” series. John is a minister, lecturer, story teller, and counselor.
Shine Like Stars in the Universe by Jerry Rushford, from Malibu, California. Rushford is a Professor at Pepperdine University, Malibu, California, he is an author of a book on the History of Hymns, a professor and a lecturer.
The Attitude of Christ by Prentice Meador, Dallas, Texas. Meador is an author, minister, lecturer, this year Meador lead the opening prayer for a session in the Senate of the United States.
Satisfied by Bill Watkins, from Houston, Texas. Watkins is a minister and lecturer.
Footprints of Jesus by John W. Smith, A class that serves as an example of the type of lecture you are likely to be exposed to at the Red River Family Encampment.

For more information about the Red River Family Encampment contact: Jerry Lawlis, Director: Email or visit the RRFE web site at: