One Line Summaries of Books of the Old Testament

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Here are the basic summaries of each Old Testament book.

Genesis – Beginning
Exodus – Exodus from Egypt
Leviticus – Regulations for Priests
Numbers – 40 years in the wilderness
Joshua – Conquest of Canaan
Deuteronomy – Second Law
Judges – Period of the Judges
Ruth – Events during Judges
1 Samuel – Change in Government from Judges to Kings
2 Samuel – Life of David
1 Kings – Historical Record of Northern Kingdom
2 Kings – Same as 1 Kings
1 Chronicles – Life of David
2 Chronicles – Same as 1 & 2 Kings
Ezra – 1st & 2nd returns from Captivity
Nehemiah – 3rd return from Captivity
Esther – Events in Persia
Job – Why the righteous suffer
Psalms – Devotional thoughts, songs, poems, sermons
Proverbs – Book of wisdom
Ecclesiastes – What is life?
Song of Solomon – Love song
Isaiah – Judgments and comforts upon the people of God
Jeremiah – Captivity is coming
Lamentations – Sorrow over Jerusalem
Ezekiel – Don't listen to false prophets
Daniel – God is in control
Hosea – Come home to God (Israel)
Joel – The day of the Lord
Amos – Return to God (Israel)
Obadiah – Destruction of Edom (Prophecy to Edom)
Jonah – Preach to Nineveh (Prophecy concerning Nineveh)
Micah – Fall of North
Nahum – Nineveh to be destroyed (Prophecy to Nineveh)
Habakkuk – How God uses nations
Zephaniah – Restoration
Haggai – Relates to Ezra
Zechariah – Contemporary of Haggai
Malachi – Be obedient to God

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