How Faith Comes

Many claims are made by religious people today about how God talks to them at various times and in various ways. Certainly the Bible emphasizes the importance of faith. We cannot please God without it (Heb.11:1-6). But it is a fair question and a vital one to ask, "How does Faith come? Does God carry on casual conversations with different ones as so many people claim? What does the Bible say?"

The Thessalonians were called by the gospel – 2 Thess. 2:14

The people at Pentecost believed when they heard – Acts 2:37

Others in Jerusalem "who heard the word" believed – Acts 4:4

The Samaritans "believed Philip as he preached…. " – Acts 8:12

Simon the Sorcerer "himself also believed" – Acts 8:13

The Ethiopian believed when Philip preached Jesus to him – Acts 8:35

Saul of Tarsus was told “what you must do” – Acts 9:6

Cornelius was told “words by which you and all your house hold will be saved” – Acts 11:14

Lydia believed “the things spoken by Paul” – Acts16:14

The Philippians Jailor believed when Paul and Silas – Acts 16:32

Crispus and other Corinthians hearing, believed and were baptized – Act18:8

Apollo Showed from the Scriptures that Jesus is the Christ – Acts 18-28

Other disciples of John believed after they were taught by Paul – Acts 19.4

"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” – Romans 10:17

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