How can we obtain Eternal Life?

Many today attribute sin to being sick of mind. If we are sick, then how can God condemn us for a condition beyond our control? Is there any way we can overcome this condition and gain eternal life?

We often hear religious and political leaders, and even doctors, make the claim that people who sin are simply sick. Alcoholics, killers, thieves, child abusers, liars, drug users, and even people who over eat, are said to have “an illness”. And in a sense, once an individual’s character is thoroughly engulfed in sin, it does take on the likeness of an illness.

However, the Bible depicts sin as a learned human trait (Gen 3) and a transgression of God’s law (1 Jn 3:4). The more a person refuses spiritual treatment, the more his immune system (conscience) grows weaker and weaker until he is unable to control his actions. Sin might be compared to leprosy which attacks the central nervous system. All the ugliness and stench are present, but the patient is temporarily spared the pain. All sin has that same numbing effect. According to the Apostle Paul everyone sins. (Rom 3:23) Anyone denying they have sinned is said to be a liar. (1 Jn 1:10)

Question: Are there sins in your life? ___

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