Hallelujah Diet

Q. Mike, have you heard about the “Hallelujah Diet”? They say we can eat the way God intended and live very long lives. They quote from Genesis 1:29. Can you look into this?

Here is what the “Halelujah Diet” website claims:

The – “The Hallelujah Diet” is: Biblically based.

“You have everything you need for true physical nourishment and great health from our Provider in Genesis 1:29.”

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat [food].” – Genesis 1:29

George Malkmus (who calles himself “Reverend”) promotes an extreme vegetarianism diet that he claims is the “only” way to eat. He sells juicers, distillers, supplements, books, and gimmicks promote his concept.

1. If Genesis 1:29 teaches a vegetarian diet, it only applied to ten generations. God added every kind of animal flesh after the Flood (Gen 9:3).

And God called this a blessing on Noah and his sons (Gen 9:1-3).

2. Mr. Malkmus often appeals to an average life expectancy of 912 for those that may not have eaten meat before the Flood (Gen 5:1-32), implying that his followers can approach this age if they buy his barley powder and dehydrated carrots!

He says that baking grain is wrong. He says it “kills” the food.

The Bible reveals in Isaiah 28:23-29 that God taught Adam and his sons how to grow and process grains for bread (Gen 3:19). Consider this wonderful passage carefully! God supernaturally instilled in man the wisdom and knowledge to farm and process grains for bread, baked goods, and grain products. And He even identified the health virtue of bread (Ps 104:15). It is clear God endorsed baked grain products before and after the Flood. But God did not mention any instruction about juicing fruits and dehydrating vegetables. Why? Are they minor dietary components? Did asparagus and cauliflower ever support any diet?

What fruits or vegetables are even mentioned for food in the Bible? If raw fruits and vegetables were the way to health and long life, surely God’s people would have been eating them at every meal. Surely the Israelites, who had their dietary lives strictly detailed by God and Moses, would have had many verses regarding the growing, processing, and consumption of raw veggies. Surely they would be mentioned over and over in the Bible. Can you find any of them in the Bible? What about broccoli, strawberries, asparagus, blueberries, cauliflower, grapefruit, bean sprouts, oranges, lettuce, bananas, and the such like?

3. After the Flood, God told Noah and his sons that every moving thing that liveth was delivered to them to be their food (Gen 9:1-3). They could eat any bird, animal, or fish.

Here was a great blessing from the mouth of God upon the world – they could eat a shrimp appetizer, beer-battered chicken fingers, and a steak dinner!

And so we find the great men of faith and the fathers of Israel all eating lots of meat – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah (Gen 18:1-8; 27:1-33; 38:17,20).

Melchizedek, king of Jerusalem and priest of the most high God, served Abraham the ultimate meal of fellowship – bread and wine (Genesis 14:18). Didn’t this great man have any wisdom? Why didn’t he give Abraham an apple and some carrot juice? Why didn’t he give him a salad? Because it would have been inhospitable and unhealthy!

4. The children of Israel ate flesh and bread in Egypt (Ex 16:3), and they loved them both! So God gave them flesh and bread on their way to Canaan (Ex 16:12-13). Bread and meat have always been two of the chief components of any nutritious and pleasant fare.

5. Mr. Malkmus maintains that cooking destroys ALL nutritional value. He is ALL wrong! Most food has always been cooked (II Kgs 4:38; Is 44:15-16). God intended food to be cooked (Ex 12:8-9; Deut 16:7). Israel even cooked their manna from heaven, by either baking it into cakes or boiling it into porridge (Exodus 16:22-23)! They even cooked their manna from heaven!

Jesus ate broiled fish with His disciples one time, and He broiled it for them another time (Luke 24:42; John 21:1-14). The “Hallelujah Diet” is wrong. Cooking is good; God required it; and Jesus practiced it.

6. Why did the infinitely wise God, require the eating of a lamb every year to commemorate the Passover (Exodus 12:1-14)? Did He hate Israel? Was He trying to give them cancer? Consider carefully the annual requirement of eating the Passover lamb. Vegetarianism was against the law in Israel! And the only nations that have ever endorsed it have always been pagan! The worshippers of God eat meat, because they do not worship the creature, but the Creator!

Consider what the apostle Paul says in 1 Tim. 4

1 Tim. 4:1-5
4:1 ¶ But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons,
2 by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron,
3 men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth.
4 For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude;
5 for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer.

7. God called Canaan a land flowing with milk and honey about twenty times, which is figurative language for delightful and prosperous character (Exodus 3:8; etc.). But milk is one of Mr. Malkmus’s “five whites.” Who is right? God? Or Reverend George? Why did He not call it a land flowing with carrot juice and Brussels sprouts? Because Israel would have gone back to Egypt and their fleshpots! Who would have wanted to go to Canaan and be restricted to raw veggies for food? No one among God’s people!

8. God blessed Israel with many kinds of meat, which were to be eaten with rejoicing before the Lord (Deut 12:7,15,17-18,20-26; 14:26). God knew His people would want to eat meat, because a diet without meat is very boring and nutritiously inferior. The very worship of God included eating much sacrificed meat, all of which had to be seasoned with salt (Lev 2:13; 7:15; Deut 12:6-7; 14:26; Pr 7:14; 17:1).

9. Moses codified the most advanced revelation of diet and health care in the history of the world in the Levitical laws for Israel, which recommended large portions of meat, bread, and wine (Ex 12:20; Lev 26:5; Num 15:19; Deut 8:9; 14:26; II Sam 6:19). And the fattest of the flock or herd was preferred (Deut 32:14; II Sam 6:19; Pr 15:17)!

Moses painstakingly detailed the meats Israel could and could not eat (Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14). If there was ever a perfect opportunity and time to suggest veggies, this was it! Why didn’t He save Israel the trouble of raising, killing, and cooking animals by recommending juicing and salads?

10. The good Lord said bread makes strong the heart of man (Ps 104:15), not vegetables, fruits, or their juices. Why didn’t he say anything about grass, weeds, roots, and nuts? Here was the perfect opportunity, but the Holy Spirit is entirely quiet about such things. The Bible mentions bread 330 times. In fact, there is minimal nutrition in fruits and vegetables, for they are nearly all water. Bread has been a staple in diets since creation (Gen 3:19). Substantial foods like bread have much more than mere traces of nutrients. Check it out for yourself.

Measure the weight of the lettuce, carrots, and celery in your salad, and then calculate the amount of vitamins and minerals in your salad. Now do the same for a couple slices of bread with butter!

11. Jesus said, “Salt is good” (Luke 14:34). Poor Mr. Malkmus, contradicting the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible over and over again, lists salt as one of the “five whites” that are the cause of all sickness. Job knew that food tasted better with salt on it (Job 6:6). Righteous Job specifically recommended table salt for seasoning! And Moses knew that he could never offer a sacrifice of meat to God without salt (Lev 2:13). The only bad thing about salt is when it loses its saltiness (Matt 5:13)! Pass the salt! My ham needs a little!

12. The Bible commends all five white foods that George condemns – meat, dairy products, sugar, salt, and flour. And it commends wine, which he condemns as well?

13. When God’s ravens fed Elijah a diet from heaven, they sure did not bring him raw veggies and fruit! They brought him flesh and bread, morning and evening (I Kings 17:1-7)!

14. Jesus as a child ate the typical diet of Israel’s children, butter and honey (Is 7:15)! Was it a miracle He made it to the age of 30? Or are these food items important in a nutritious diet? Mary loved Jesus, and she gave him the best she could! What a magnificent combination – butter and honey! It doesn’t get much better than that! Do you think of Bit O’ Honey?

15. Meat in the New Testament was a controversial subject dealt with many times due to the pagan custom of offering the meat in sacrifice to false gods. Why didn’t the apostles preach against it as one of the “five whites” and “food killers”? They could have solved the whole idolatry issue by simply preaching Genesis 1:29 like George Malkmus! But instead, they taught where to get meat and how to eat it (I Cor 10:25-27; Acts 15:20,29)! Paul said that meat was not unclean and could be eaten freely (Rom 14:14); and he blasted any “touch not; taste not; handle not; which all are to perish with the using” religion (Col 2:20-23). He plainly stated that eating or not eating meat made no difference (I Cor 8:8), but the only reason for not eating meat was for conscience due to idols (I Cor 8:9-11)!

16. Why did Jesus eat baked fish and bread, which He Himself baked in a fire, and gave it to His disciples in the name of dining (John 21:9-13)? If fish and bread are both dangerous and ungodly for eating, why did the Son of God provide this meal to His disciples? Why didn’t he meet them on shore with some veggie munchies?

17. Jesus fed unlimited bread and fish to large crowds to eat to their fill, which caused thousands of people untold health problems, according to George Malkmus (Matt 14:15-21; 15:32-38). Why did Jesus multiply the loaves and fishes, when such a diet leads to incredible physical problems ranging from cancer to hemorrhoids to pimples? Was Jesus trying to create cancer in order to heal it later? Or is there another explanation?

18. Jesus taught that good fathers give wonderful food like bread, fish, and eggs to their children for gifts (Luke 11:11-13). Such an illustration using carrot juice would have gagged the hearers and lost the message!

19. Jesus ate the Passover with great desire, which was a wonderful meal of lamb, bread, and wine (Luke 22:14-20)! Did He neglect His health due to His approaching crucifixion? Or are these three things basic to any good meal and nutritious diet? Why didn’t He institute the “Hallelujah Diet” for the Lord’s Supper by choosing carrots and prune juice for the elements? He chose the food components the people of God had always eaten. Bread and wine are the components of a fellowship meal. Remember Melchisedec and Abraham?

20. Why did the father of the prodigal celebrate the recovery of his son by killing a fatted calf, which is tender veal (Luke 15:23)? Why didn’t he fix a carrot and raisin salad with bird feed? Why didn’t he kill a scrawny, bony, tough, range-fed, old cow? Why was the fattest of the flock always the best of the flock (Gen 4:4; I Kgs 1:9; 4:23; Neh 8:10; Is 1:11; 25:6)? If you read the Bible with understanding, then you know a stalled ox (one loaded with fat from not being able to move) is better than a salad (Pr 15:17). Why did God make fat taste so good and with 2.25 times the energy of other foods, if we were not supposed to eat it?

India provides the largest case study of vegetarians in the world. What do we find? An average life expectancy of 912? No, an average life expectancy of 59 years, as of 1995 data. What is the problem? They avoid meat religiously! Americans, who eat Quarter Pounders for lunch and steaks for supper, live an average of 18 years longer than Indians! And why not? One pound of steak has the nutrients of 100 pounds of salad or rice mush.

India has 1/6 of the earth’s population, but no athletes. How many individual Olympic medals has this nation earned since the Olympics resumed in 1896? Three bronze medals! Why? They avoid meat religiously!

Long-term, strict vegetarianism brings significant health hazards due to nutrient deficiencies, as many readily available studies clearly document.

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