Chronology of NT Bible Events

New Testament Chronology

By Mike Scott


B.C. Birth of  J E S U S  – Matthew, Luke.

26  A.D.

Beginning of the ministry of  J o h n   T h e  B a p t i s t  –  Matthew, Mark , Luke, John.


Beginning of the ministry of  J  E S U S  – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.


C R U C I F I X I O N  O F  J E S U S  –  Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.

Establishment of The Church Of Christ  – Acts 1:1 – 8:3.

Stephen is martyred Acts 7:1 – 60.


Conversion of Paul – Acts 9:1-19.

Peter sees vision regarding Gentiles-Acts 10:9-11:18.

First Gentile  Convert – Cornelius – Acts 10:44-48.

The Church spreads to Samaria and the Gentiles -Acts 8:4-11:18.


The Gentile Church in Antioch takes firm root, Jerusalem sends Barnabas to teach – Acts 11:19-12:25.


EPISTLE  OF   J  A  M  E  S  –  Faith & Works – Practical Christianity.


First Missionary Journey  –  Paul and Barnabas travel as far as Antioch of Pisidia – Acts 13:1-15:35 – Elders appointed in every church – divine organization set up.


Jerusalem Council -to decide whether or not Gentile Christians must keep the Law of Moses – Acts 15.

BOOK  OF  G A L A T I A N S  – A “perverted gospel” is one that reverts to Judaism – To follow the works of the flesh leads to destruction, but the Spirit unto life.


Second Missionary Journey – – Paul and Silas and later Timothy travel as far as Corinth, Paul stays in Corinth a year and a half, Acts 15:36-18:28.


GOSPEL OF  M A R K  – Emphasizes Christ’s supernatural power over nature, disease and demons – he writes to Roman readers.

F I R S T   T H E S S A L O N I A N S -Written from Corinth –  Assurance of the resurrection- Promised Christ will return and explained order of events.


S E C O N D   T H E S S A L O N I A N S – Written from Corinth – Wrong to assume Christ’s second coming imminent – A great apostasy would precede.


Third Missionary Journey – Paul & Silas travel as far as Ephesus, Paul in Ephesus three years – Acts 18 – 21.


F I R S T   C O R I N T H I A N S – From Ephesus – Strife and division among  brethren defiles the temple of God – Teaching regarding Intellectual pride, immorality, litigation, marriage, Lord’s  Supper, Spiritual gifts, the resurrection.


S E C O N D   C O R I N T H I A N S – From Macedonia –  Idolatry and worldliness – False teachers and false apostles.


THE BOOK OF  R O M A N S – From Corinth – The Righteous Shall Live By Faith – Gentile immorality and infidelity – Jewish disobedience and sin –  False teachers.


Paulin Jerusalem and Caesarea – Acts 21:17-23:35 –  Appears Before Felix, Festus, Agrippa – Acts 24:1-26:32.


Paul’sfirst Roman imprisonment – The Gospel spreads to Rome – Acts 27:1 – 28:31.


THE BOOK OF  C O L O S S I A N S  – From Rome – Gnosticism exposed –  Deity of Jesus.

THE BOOK OF  P H I L E M O N  – From Rome – Practice brotherly compassion toward a penitent slave.

THE BOOK OF   E P H E S I A N S  – From Rome – God’s perfect divine pattern the mystery now revealed.


THE GOSPEL OF  M A T T H E W  – Written to Jews – Jesus is the Kingly Messiah of Jewish prophecy and genealogy.

THE GOSPEL OF  L U K E  – Written to Gentiles – Jesus The God-Man – Genealogy is traced to Adam.

Part 2


THE BOOK OF  P H I L I P P I A N S  – From Rome – Be steadfast in sound doctrine.

THE BOOK OF  A C T S  – Written by Luke – History of the Church.


FIRST  T I M O T H Y- Paul now released from prison, warns Timothy concerning false doctrine and how to deal with it – Instructions to a discouraged preacher.

T I T U S  – Instructions to the church in Crete – Speak sound doctrine – reject the heretic.


FIRST EPISTLE OF  P E T E R  –  Encouragement for Christians facing persecution.


LETTER TO THE  H E B R E W S  – New  Covenant characterized by “better things” than that of Law of Moses.


Paul’s second Roman Imprisonment  (traditional date given)


SECOND EPISTLE OF  P E T E R  – Warning of the danger of false teacher who deny the second coming of Christ and the judgment.

THE LETTER OF  J U D E  –  “Earnestly contend for the Faith. . .” and beware of false, immoral teachers.

SECOND  T I M O T H Y  – From Rome during second imprisonment, Paul’s final words – “hold fast to sound doctrine . . .” preach and exhort with great patience – many will turn away from the truth.


Martyrdomof Paul and Peter in Rome  (traditional date given).


GOSPEL OF  J O H N  – Jesus is the incarnate Son of God – deep profound teachings of Jesus.


F I R S T   J O H N- Christians are to believe, love and walk in truth.


SECOND  J O H N- Warning against false teachers.


THIRD  J O H N- Be faithful to the Lord – Self-will of Diotrephes condemned.


THE BOOK OF  R E V E L A T I O N –  Letters to seven churches assure a reward to those who overcome and remain faithful – We dare not add to or take away from  the Word.

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