A Reply to a Jehovah’s Witness


BY Guy V. Caskey


All false doctrine originates with only a slight deviation from the truth.

-.-.Reinhold Niebuhr -. 19th Century philosopher

The apostle Paul was quick to reveal his amazement that there were those who had traded a knowledge of the truth for a false teaching (Galatians 1:6). Those willing to distort the truth and destroy the simplicity of the good news had led them astray. There have always been those people… willing to misuse and abuse the scriptures, either unscrupulously for their own promotion, or through ignorance and misguidance from others. A single changed word, an expanded or unauthorized definition, a personal bias, a small mistake, can, with time and transmission, become a stumbling block to many. Nothing seems to cement false teaching as rapidly as sheer blind acceptance. The unwillingness to search and find the truth, along with a contentment to accept at face value what is taught, often becomes the albatross of many lives.

The primary purpose of this book is to examine carefully the scriptures in contrast with the teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is dedicated to an elevation of the truth, and is not designed to be a bludgeon instrument in the hand of the uncaring.

Truth will stand on its own. Likewise, false doctrine will crumble from its own inherent weakness when compared to the absolute standard. Mr. Caskey has prepared an excellent treatise on truth. His simple application, logical approach and careful examination of the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses make for excellent reading for those who hunger for the truth.

Any false doctrine, when carefully examined, possesses some facsimile to the truth. Indeed, most false teaching tends to shore up its ramparts with a mixture of scripture and Biblical thoughts. It is this mixing and mingling of the truth and untruth that all too often becomes the pitfall for the less careful student.

Anyone who has been trained and skilled in the presentation of twisted rules of hermeneutics and the misrepresentation of the meaning of any context of scripture can easily manipulate the unsuspecting. Often such a distorted presentation may appear on the surface to be logical and scriptural. Only complete examination can reveal otherwise! A Reply to a Jehovah's Witness has been able to expose any misrepresentation of text by carefully examining the original Greek words along with a thorough discussion of the context.

This book is expertly written, with a scholastic overtone, yet on a level that portrays a deep and intimate love for the lost and, particularly, those who would "come to a knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." It should never be substituted for scriptures, but is only a catalyst to ignite the fire for hope and light in the hearts of just and honest men.

I am confident it will be well received. It is commended to you, the reader. May God richly bless your search!

Dr. M. Ralph Williams

Arlington, Texas May, 1985

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